Archery FAQ

Q. Is archery dangerous?
A. Archery ahs the potential to be dangerous as does any sport.  However as long as you recieve correct coaching and learn how to safely shoot at a club it is a very safe sport.  In fact there are more injuries pulling the arrows than shooting them.

Q. Am I too old for archery?
You can never be too old for archery.  There are many older generation archers who shoot more for the social side of things rather than competitively.

Q. What is the minimum age for an archer?
A. There is no real minimum age but it is more about the ability to safely draw the bow and “loose” the arrow.  Most clubs will cater from around 8 years old but some will take younger.

Q. I have poor eyesight, can I still do archery?
A. Yes.  Eyesight shouldn’t be a barrier,  infact you will find many blind archers in the sport.  Just have a look here at the Blind Veterans.

Q. I have a disability, can I still shoot?
A. Yes, archery is very adaptive and no matter your disability there will be a way around it.  Just have a look at American archer Matt Stutzman aka The Armless archer.