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The Civil Service Archery Association (CSAA) was founded in January 1956 as the ‘Sports Representative Body’ (SRB) for Archery in the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC), now known as CSSC Sports & Leisure.

The CSAA is a national Association and welcomes members from all parts of the UK, shooting any bowstyle recognised by Archery GB, and at any skill level or proficiency.


Membership of the CSAA is open to all current and retired members of the Civil Service and recognised Public Bodies as defined by the CSSC list of eligible employers. CSAA also offers membership to those not eligible through the CSSC eligible employers list as ‘Friends’ or ‘Associates’ of the Association. Further information, clarification, and current membership fees can be provided by the CSAA membership secretary upon request.

Membership of the CSSC is separate to membership of the CSAA. Only members of both CSAA and CSSC enjoy the full range of membership benefits. For further information on membership of the CSSC is available on their website

All CSAA and shooting CSSC members are expected to be current members of Archery GB – the governing body for Archery in the UK.


CSAA does not own its own facilities. CSAA events are, therefore, held at Archery GB accredited facilities throughout the country. Moreover, members are expected to provide their own equipment to shoot with as the CSAA does not provide any.


The CSAA provides a number of events throughout the year for members.

CSSC & CSAA members;

  • Outdoor national target championships
  • Indoor national target championships
  • Outdoor representative matches against the RAF, the Army and the Royal Toxophilite Society
  • Indoor representative matches against the RAF and the Army
  • Regional qualifying shoots for the outdoor national championships
  • New : CSSC Clout Championships

CSAA members only;

  • CSAA Winter Cup
  • Eligibility for ‘CSAA Colours’ for participation in representative matches

At present the CSAA is unable to provide opportunities to participate in field or flight archery due to a lack of facilities.

If you would like to Join the Civil Service Archery Association please complete the Application form and forward it to our Membership Secretary. Full details are on the form. There are both PDF & Word versions for your convenience.

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